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Safari Tours in Tanzania

Explore the unknown Lost World of Animals in Tanzania!
Immersive, fascinating wildlife adventures in the heart of Africa.
Private and group safari packages in Tanzania from the leading wildlife experts.
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  • Our safari fleet
    New SUVs Land Cruisers (made in 2014-2016) equipped with refrigerators, chargers, comfortable seats, and GPS trackers.
  • The best hotels and lodges
    We work only with reliable lodges, known for their supreme service and comfort hospitability standards
  • Professional safari-guides
    Our safari-guides know every nook and cranny of the National Parks. They will find the rarest animals, and you will make awesome photos!

Tanzania Safari Tours with Altezza Travel

Few places in the world rival Tanzania as a wildlife destination. Ranked #1 country for a safari, Tanzania hypnotizes with its pristine, wildest beauty. The last sanctuary of the wildlife of such magnitude in the world, Tanzania is a perfect spot for your vacation.

Altezza Travel is a leading safari outfitter in Tanzania. Our professional safari guiding experts, large safari fleet of the newest comfortable Land Cruisers, modified for the expeditions in the wilderness, and passionate travel consultants will make your trip to Tanzania a lifetime adventure.

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Tanzania Safari Tours with Altezza Travel

Why Tanzania?

Deservedly renown as the best country for a wildlife adventure, safari tours in Tanzania are the best choices for an enthralling wildlife vacation in the heart of Africa. Ranked #1 destination for a safari by the panel of renowned experts, Tanzania mesmerizes with its pristine, ancient legacy of the wildlife and bewitches with its awe-inspiring scenic views.

One of the few places on the planet with the natural world impervious to the human civilization, everyone can become an explorer, embarking on an immersive journey into the era of David Livingstone and Heinrich Barth. You will see Wild Africa at its rawest and relive the experiences of the first audacious pioneers of Tanzania.

The Number One Safari Destination in Africa

Whenever a safari adventure comes to your mind, Tanzania is the first destination to consider. It received a landslide victory in a vote for the best safari country in Africa. It is here, where the UNESCO World Heritage Sites Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater are located. It is exactly the place where the National Geographic, The Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel shot their award-winning documentaries.

And finally, it is Tanzania, where the human civilization is still alien, and the wilderness dominates. It is the real Lost World, which ignores history and human impact. You will see the plains of Tanzania as witnessed by our forefathers. Enjoy its power at its wildest.

Safari Tanzania Tours for Everyone

Formerly known as a vacation spot for jetsetters only, today the doors of this Animals Paradise are open for everyone.

Wildlife Tanzania Safari Tours is an ideal choice for a family vacation, friends reunion, honeymoon, celebration of a graduation or team-building. An indelibly fascinating journey to the country, which natural sanctuaries inspired the “King Lion” cartoon, is by far the most original, off-the-beaten-track way of getting unwind from the routine.

We have Tanzania Safari Packages for different budgets. Whether you are looking for one-of-a-kind hospitality experiences in the award-winning luxury lodges in the most secluded locations of the savannah, or a cozy African-styled no-frills hotels on Ngorongoro Crater rim - Altezza Travel will help you to get the most of your trip.

Our Tanzania safari tours feature different activities. Apart from traditional SUV game-drives in the National Parks, we organize:

  • Hot-air ballooning adventures - you will be hovering over the endless Tanzanian savannah and having a bird’s-eye view of the wildlife;
  • Amazing walking safaris - hiking (in a company of an armed ranger) among the giraffes and other animals with majestic Mount Kilimanjaro behind you is a lifetime experience.

Whatever your Tanzanian fancy you may have - we are here to make it come true!

The Natural Treasures of Tanzania

Bestowed with unmatched wildlife riches, Tanzania is a must-have piece in the collection of any traveller. Coupled with immersive, captivating scenic vistas, the diversity of wild animals and vegetation will mesmerize even the most ingrained globe-trotters. You will see the world in a condition that preceded the outset of our civilization. Startling panoramic views of the Tanzanian savannah will become your lifelong memories.

Some of the most amazing wildlife spectacles, featured in our Tanzania safari packages, include:

The Great Wildebeest Migration

The view of the biggest herd of the ungulates on the planet (more than a million of wildebeest, zebra and gazelles) galloping in search of new pasturelands is both mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. The unique wildlife spectacle under the blue sky occurs when the herds deplete their habitual grazing fields

The mightiest collective effort of the hoofed mammals on the planet is a popular spot for the teams of the National Geographic and the Animal Planet to capture this one-of-a-kind show directed by Nature. From a distant observation point, you will see a pulsing and breathing vivid giant, moving at high speed and raising clouds of dust.

Getting closer presents a multitude of impressive episodes of this saga - the Migration attracts hundreds of feline predators (lions, leopards and cheetahs), lurking around and looking for the weakest and the oldest. Stirring scenes occur when the wildebeests, zebras and gazelles cross the rivers - insidious, cold-blooded and watchful crocodiles are staging bloody ambushes. Breathtaking hunting dramas are played out.

The Great Migration season in Northern Tanzania is from July till September. The herds are crossing the main water artery of the National Parks, River Mara, a hideout of the bloodthirsty crocodiles, in June.

The Plains of Serengeti

Endless savannahs of Serengeti National Park amaze with its beauty and grandeur. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Serengeti is a must-visit place in Tanzania. With the largest number of mammals species collection, Serengeti unconditionally beats any other wildlife sanctuary of Africa. This is the best place to see the Big Five, as well as it is where the Great Migration starts and ends its annual odyssey. Majestic elephants, mighty rhinos, towering giraffes slender leopards, kingly lions and funny warthogs - this all about Serengeti. It is the vibes of Serengeti that inspired the Disney studio to immortalize its beauty in the ‘King Lion’ cartoon’.

The first contact with Serengeti sends a deceptive message that you are in the realm of tranquility and harmony. Going deeper in the park, you will witness the bloody hunting games between the feline predators and the herbivorous, where the cats are not always victorious - a powerful ‘circular defense formation’ of buffaloes has left many lions hungry and badly damaged.

Due to painstaking conservation efforts of the Tanzanian government and international activists, all types of human development activities in Serengeti are strictly forbidden. You will see Serengeti at its rawest and see the same scenic vistas, which inspired Hemingway to create his immortal works.

Ngorongoro Crater

Oftentimes referred to as the ‘cradle of civilization’, another Tanzanian UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ngorongoro Conservation Area offers unparalleled encounters with the wildlife and cultural experiences.

The lost world inside the Crater

Ngorongoro Crater is the last memoir of the giant volcano, which eruption formed a colossal caldera. The wild animals inside are virtually ‘locked’ inside, but not by the walls of the crater - contrary to a popular misconception, the animals can freely walk inside and outside through many loopholes. The site has exceptionally favorable conditions for mammals - plenty of water and juicy grass are the reason why Ngorongoro Crater has an unbelievably high density of herbivorous animals, which, in their turn, attract the predators. Thousands of wild animals inhabit the crater, forging the reputation of Ngorongoro as a mecca for wildlife adventurers.

The cradle of humanity

The world-famous archeological site Olduvai Gorge is the place where the fossils of the first humans (homo habilis) to inhabit the planet have discovered by the team outstanding British paleontologist Louis and Mary Leakey.

The ongoing scientific research never stops there, and many treasures are awaiting their explorers. However, in contrast to other excavation sites, Ngorongoro is open to the general public. You may walk down the ravine and stand at the same place, where the first hominids stood many years ago. Informative and comprehensive lecture of the local guides will bring the new insights about the onset of our civilization.


Tanzania is a famous destination both among the professional ornithologists and amateur twitchers. With over a thousand of recorded bird species living in the protected areas, Tanzania safari tours is a paradise for the enthusiast - this is the best place to complete your list.

The birds here are everywhere - you may begin your expedition in the tropical forests of Kilimanjaro, then move to the Northern Circuit National parks, and nowhere your intimate contact with the feathered race will be the same.

Annual competition - Arusha Birding Day - is organized for the true aficionados.

Mighty Baobabs, Tree-Climbing Lions and other Surprises

Describing all wildlife attractions of Tanzania will produce a volume larger than a complete edition of Encyclopedia Britannica in size and magnitude.

For example, Tarangire National Park shelters one of the largest herds of elephants in the world. Roaming between the towering baobabs, the present quite a fantastic view for the wildlife photographers.

Tanzania parks also feature one-of-a-kind encounters with the tree-climbing lions - a unique sight nowhere else to be found.

Lake Manyara has been selected as a nesting point for one of the largest colony of pink flamingos in the world. A mesmerizing view of thousands and thousands of these airy birds leaves no one indifferent.

Tanzania has much more to show. Drop us a line. We will lead your way in the Kingdom of Animals.

Your Safari Tours in Tanzania with Altezza Travel

Our expertise and experience in planning Tanzania safari tours are unmatched. We were proud to have led the way for several wildlife documentary teams, as well as for the famous travel shows with global coverage. Our safari guides know each nook and cranny of the parks, bringing you to the most reclusive areas with hundreds of animals and epic sceneries.

Taking one of our Tanzania safari packages means the highest standards of a real African adventure. Our secret formula of enrapturing Tanzania safari tours with Altezza Travel is the following:

Qualified safari guides - with years of experience under their belts, fluent English and academic knowledge of the wildlife, they will turn your safari holiday into a fairy-tale.

The newest Land Cruisers - our safari fleet is specifically adapted for the long game drives in the savannah. Each car has air conditioners, ergonomic seats, convertible roof and power chargers. Inside you will always find bottled water and soda drinks.

The best hospitality partners - Altezza is a trusted partner of the renowned wildlife lodges. Cosy no-frills cottages and 5* luxury hotels with haute cuisine private watering holes for attracting animals have been personally tested by our staff to make sure that they meet the highest standards of Altezza.

Why Safari is the Best Vacation

Wildlife safari in Tanzania is by far the best way of spending your vacation because:

You will see and enjoy the beauty of our Planet
Created by Nature, the wildlife of Tanzania is the example of harmony, beauty and grandeur. A safari adventure with Altezza Travel will ultimately convince you that the best place on our planet are not the concrete jungles of megalopolises, but the kingly savannah.

You will unwind
The sense of freedom and the indelible wildlife impressions are the best stress-busters. Your adventure in the heart of Africa will be the best medicine for the daily routine of the modern world. At the end of your adventure, you will be full of energy, creativity, new ideas and wildlife knowledge. Tanzania will be forever in your heart.

Tanzania safari tours reviews

50 reviews
  • Climbing and Safari
    During a month we were chatting by emails with African companies which arrange tours to Africa: climbing Kilimanjaro and Safari. The language barrier, poor description of what we are paying, huge range of prices for the same service from different representatives, created a feeling of scam. Just 3 weeks before departure, we turned to a Russian company In Africa - Altezza Travel, expecting that now the price would be even higher than Africans have. But the price was pleased, Alex was very clear in his first letter, he advised to switch from the Machame route we choose to Lemosho and after just a couple of emails we all agreed and decided t... Machame route we choose to Lemosho and after just a couple of emails we all agreed and decided to go with the Altezza. I must say that we fully trust on the accommodations provided by Altezza, did not check and did not even see any hotel, which had planned for us. Expectations of the hotels were fully met. We were met at the airport, settled in a lovely hotel at the foot of the mountain. Alex has arrived a couple of hours later, gave a full briefing, checked our equipment, some of the stuff we have was quite old and we have been planning to leave it in Africa after the trekking. 80% of our climbing gear, of course, was unprofessional and did not fit. So we went to the Altezza office, where we were fully outfitted. Climbing Kilimanjaro – is definitely a fairy tale. Neither further Safari or Zanzibar are not compatible with the emotions of the ascent! The experience of a lifetime! And such a starry sky probably does not exist anywhere, as on the Equator. Everything was perfect - meals, tents, sleeping bags and great team. And most importantly - professional guides - Moses and Albert. We left the camp the last to trek very slowly, steadily, however we came ahead of all who left the camp before, made 2 stops for 2 minutes and reached the summit one of the first just at dawn! Such an amazing view! Then we had Safari trip where everything was perfect as well. Luxury hotels, the most memorable of which Mbalageti. With swimming pools, a huge selection of food "at the buffet", overlooking the African savannah. Our guide was very energetic and made sure that we saw almost all the possible animals except rhino. In general, this trip is number one of all, where we were. I strongly advise the company Altezza, who carry out their responsibilities in full, taking care and responsibilities for all those who came under their wing in Africa. We already advised Altezza to our friend, I know, she will be also delighted!">
  • Climbing and Safari
    My trip to Tanzania was a memorable one. I think that everyone needs to see the African wildlife through your own eyes, is unlike anything else. Everything is special here: great reserves with unusual trees and unique animals, mode of life of Tanzanians and snowbound peak of Kilimanjaro. So interesting to watch the animals in their natural habitat. They do not pay attention to observers and doing their own things: eat, sleep, hunt, mate and breed – I was able to see all of it and took pictures of the camera :) Honestly, there are a lot of different type of exotic animals. They are different, some species coexist together. Guides were talking with eac... trip to Tanzania was a memorable one. I think that everyone needs to see the African wildlife through your own eyes, is unlike anything else. Everything is special here: great reserves with unusual trees and unique animals, mode of life of Tanzanians and snowbound peak of Kilimanjaro. So interesting to watch the animals in their natural habitat. They do not pay attention to observers and doing their own things: eat, sleep, hunt, mate and breed – I was able to see all of it and took pictures of the camera :) Honestly, there are a lot of different type of exotic animals. They are different, some species coexist together. Guides were talking with each other and pass the information where some of them noticed an interesting animal, so we were able to see all the animals that have been at this point in the park. My hotel was almost in the city center, which gave me a chance to walk along the streets and look at the lives of Tanzanians. In spite of my poor English I managed to talk with some locals, although they all wanted to sale useless stuff to me. :) However, they gave up after one or two refusals and then just agreed to chat with me. Of course the impression would be incomplete without climbing. Going uphill for 5 days was not only a good challenge, but also a fascinating journey through an unusual area with unique flora and fauna. On the day of the summit we had a trek for about 4-5 hours to the summit camp, then rest, and at night climb about 6-7 hours. It was not easy, but not too hard. The feeling that you are with every meter closer to the highest point of Africa, gave strength. When I saw in the distance a cherished plate, broke into a smile and tiredness disappeared. At the approach I took the camera out and filmed the moment of summiting the peak. I remember that I cried as if conquered Everest :)">
  • Safari
    When you’ve traveled the world, you don’t expect much from a new country, you believe you’ve seen it all. That’s what I thought when I was planning my trip to Tanzania. Fortunately, this country proved me wrong and showed me wonders - let’s be honest, I had expected to see, - but I had no idea how deep and bright and unforgettable this experience would appear. I don’t know how to put it into words, but what you see and feel there is so raw and unique and fresh, you have nothing left but admire and soak it up the way it is. And I believe it’d be wrong to forget Altezza Travel when it comes to my vacation in Tanzania. I’m sure without the guys who managed to polish all the roug...
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