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Day trips to Tanzania
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Excursion Hot springs
$140 $80 $75 $70 $65 $60 Details

This paradise place, like oasis, has absolutely fantastic views and justifies any expectations, we are talking about the hot springs Chemka. In the past, due to tectonic activity in the region, groundwater began to interact with geothermal sources and gradually formed a network of small lakes. Due to their small size there was a constant flow which does not allow water to stagnate and makes it crystal clear.

Now the hot springs Chemka represent a very cozy and nice place to rest where very few people, especially on weekdays. You can swim, sunbathe, snorkel and if will have a luck even meet lemurs galago or spotted genets.
Excursion Materuni waterfall
$105 $75 $70 $65 $60 $55 Details

If you had a free day in Moshi and you want to unwind walking away from the bustle of the city then the excursion to the waterfall Materuni is what you need! You will move to a small village that takes you about 30-40 minutes, and it will be the start of a journey when you will meet a marvelous nature of Kilimanjaro. Leaving behind a modest village, you will come to a small trail extending through the rainforest and coffee plantations will lead you straight to the waterfall. Along the way, the guide will show how avocado, mango, eucalyptus grow and try to find the little chameleon which are not uncommon in these coffee regions. When you reach your goal, you'll get a wonderful views of the waterfall of 50 m heigh, and if the weather permits, you will be able to pleasantly refresh under its water flows. After the walk, you will return to the village, through the already known route, where you will find coffee ceremony with traditional dances and songs, you will also be offered to participate and try to make yourself some coffee authentic method.

Excursion Lake Chala
$270 $160 $125 $105 $95 $85 Details

For lovers of African landscapes and for the pleasant nature recreation, this tour will be a real treasure. Early in the morning you will make a transfer to Lake Chala and will be on its shore. The pond is located on the border between Tanzania and Kenya and it was formed as a result of the movement of tectonic plates, so it is situated in the low place and has high banks, resembling the crater. Upon arrival at the location, you can make panoramic photos from Lake Chala lodge viewing platform, then you will go down to the shore. The transition is the easy half-hour trekking along the shore of the lake.

Going down, you can swim or take a canoe (kayak) to sail away from the shore and look at all this beauty. Toward the middle of the day you will be given lunch-boxes and you can have dinner. There are no time limits, so you can rest here until the darkness and see the lake in the rays of the setting sun.

Excursion Makoa Farm
$150 $125 $120 $115 $110 $105 Details

In the morning you will go to a small rehabilitation center Makoa Farm, which is located right at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Immediately after arrival you will meet your guide and begin а light tracking, after that you will meet with the monkeys. It will be possible not only to watch the monkeys in their natural habitat, but also to play with them, took them in your hands. They are absolutely peaceable, because they are in constant contact with people who care about them. 

An hour later, you'll continue tracking, which ends at the waterfall with flying foxes, on the way the guide will tell you a brief story of Makoa Farm and answer questions you may have. On returning to the main building, the staff will lay the table for you and you can have a tasty lunch.

Next it will be the second part of the tour, you will see a variety of representatives of wild animals and learn about their history: serval, mongoose, secretary bird, cheetahs, baboons, monkeys, marabou and many others. Unfortunately, many of them can not independently survive in the wild, so they are kept here and provide them a complete care. In addition to regular employees who feed the animals, there are also professional veterinarians and handlers who help monitor not only the state of health of the animals, but also their psychological state.

This center is not sponsored by the state and lives due to personal investment of the owner and visitors, so if you want,  you can donate some money for the maintenance of any animal.

Closer to the evening, getting a lot of impressions, you will finish the tour and will go back to Moshi.

Excursion Ndarakwai Ranch
$400 $250 $200 $175 $160 $150 Details

A private reservation Ndarakwai has a very difficult and tragic fate. The First World War took place in the hills of this area, significantly injuring the wildlife, so even now, traveling through the park, you can see the remains of the trenches of those times. After independence of Tanganyika in 1961, Ndarakwai became a place grazing, poaching and deforestation that nullified the population of elephants and other animals. Under the pressure of the local tribes, they were forced to leave these lands.

The territory of 11 000 acres that could turn into a wasteland, was saved only by the activity of Peter Jones who bought the land for a private reserve in 1995. Every year, thanks to the protection and care of employees of the Reserve, populations of elephants, zebras, eland, giraffe, wildebeest, buffalo, kudu, and even a small rare gerenuk actively began to recover. Since December 2010 you can meet here even lions and cheetahs. Today the park is a home for over 70 species of mammals and 300 species of birds.

Excursion Scenic flight to Kilimanjaro
$4560 $2280 $2280 $2280 $1830 $1500 Details
Early in the morning, when the mountain Kilimanjaro is most open to review, you go to the airport of Moshi. Taking off, the pilot will point a helicopter to the east, making a flight over the city. During your flight, you will be able to see all the climbing routes to Kilimanjaro, skirting the mountain range and fly over Lake Chala which is the largest tectonic lake in the Kilimanjaro area.
Excursion Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano
$860 $675 $655 $615 $590 $550 Details

Our driver will take you from the hotel early in the morning and you will go to Lake Natron. The road will be long but in the meantime interesting and along the way you will see some representatives of the African fauna and Maasai tribes. Closer to lunch you will stay at the Lake Natron Tented Camp, after that the guide will take you to do a walking tour to the waterfall Ngara Sero which path runs through the gorge. In some places you have to go wade the river, therefore it is best to wear sandals or slippers, to not permanently change your shoes. At the end of the tour you will drive to the coast of Lake Natron and take photos of stunning scenery, you will return to the hotel to have a rest before the climb. At midnight, the driver will drive you to the foot of the Ol Doina Lengai volcano and you will start the ascent. The slope of the volcano is dangerous, especially at night, so follow the guide and do not go ahead. This is a rather difficult tracking and on average it takes between 7 to 12 hours, depending on your pace and fitness. The volcano also has a fairly large angle, so it is best to stop every 100 meters of altitude. Coming closer to the top, after dawn, you should have a breakfast to have enough strength to rise. On the edge of the crater, you will reach the hight mark of 2960 m, and hear the sound of the moving lava inside the crater of the volcano. The descent will be faster than the ascent, but it is necessary to be extremely cautious, because it is a quite steep and you can easily injure yourself. Also, after dawn, it is best to change the fleece hat on a hat or cap to protect yourself against the sun and do not get sunstroke on the way back. At the end of the ascent you will be met by our driver, he will offer refreshments and you will go back to Arusha.