Lake Manyara

Millions of pink flamingos at one place!

National Park overview

Lake Manyara National Park stretches in the rainforest at the foot of The Great Rift Valley. The park has attracted not only for predators but it has become home for colonies of pink flamingos the number of which amazes even experienced travelers. The thick pink spot along the shore, reflected from the water surface, multiplies at an incredible scale its already huge population.


More than 400 species of birds inhabit the park some of which are found only on Lake Manyara. Pelicans and storks, ibises and cranes, cormorants and marabous are living in one small park. There is a great number of ancient birds’ families such as hornbills. As in another well-known parks you will certainly meet zebras, buffalos, elephants, giraffes, lions and many other representatives of the African fauna.

Interesting facts

Colonies of pink flamingos migrate from one lake to another during all year. Thus, they fly to Lake Manyara in the period from June to September. As a location they choose the mud flats where crustaceans live which are their main diet without which these birds have grey-white color. Young grey flamingos will turn pink with age, in a year, because of the pigment carotene which is contained in the food.



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