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Lake Eyasi

Authentic African tribes still living in the wilderness

National Park overview

Lake Eyasi is a picturesque creation of the Great Rift Valley. The lakeshore is a home for Hadza and Datooga tribes, absolutely different from each other. Hadza people were nomads in the past, they were living by hunting and gathering and little by little they had settled in this region. Their skill of survival in a wild world is extremely high and, of course, the ability of archery exceeds all expectations. In their turn, Datooga people, in contrast, always occupied with the cattle-breeding and land farming. They were drove to Lake Eyasi by other tribes who had better weapons and numerical preponderance. Being far away from the developing world, Hadza and Datooga people left in a wild state and could retain their way of life. And now, due to this fact, we can plunge in the atmosphere of the primal African life and even go hunting with tribes.


Local areas have poor vegetation that big antelopes need for a livelihood, therefore there are not predators as well as lions, leopards and cheetahs. That is why this place became a good and safe home for small-size animals, such as mongooses, porcupines, hyenas, baboons, wart-hogs, jackals, caracals, genets, waterbucks, dwarf antelopes and vervet monkeys and also for many species of birds.

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