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Arusha National Park and Arusha Waterfall |

While leaving your game drive vehicle outside of campsites and lodges may be forbidden in most national parks in Tanzania, Arusha National Park offers Guided Walks with an armed ranger. Experiencing the African montane forest with its plethora of game- and bird-life on foot is an experience well worth having. The walk first meanders among small bushes, runs through a cozy valley and ends by the Ulyulyusya waterfall which cuts through a mountain range.
Conservation fees for Arusha National Park are set by the Director General of Tanzania National Parks. You can check all the up-to-date information on fees here: Park fees for Non Residents & Tanzania Residents

Arusha National Park

The first time you spot the rusty brown of the bushbuck standing in the grass mere meters from the path you are walking is a truly magic moment. You may also encounter a herd of buffalo grazing as little as 20-30 meters away. While these magnificent animals rightfully inspire awe with their sheer size- they can, after all, weigh as much as a ton- such encounters are totally safe in the company of one of the experienced rangers of Arusha National Park. Giraffe, elephant, antelopes and even the secretive leopard can be spotted in the mountain woods of the Arusha Park leaving you with memories that will surely be cherished for the rest of your life.

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Interesting Facts about Arusha National Park

Notwithstanding its modest size, Arusha National Park offers many attractions. These include Arusha Waterfall and Ngurdoto Crater. While the latter is only three kilometers across, it is so reminiscent of Ngorongoro Crater that the locals call it Ngorongoro’s younger brother. Lower down, as you move towards the Maasai steppe, you come across the alcaline Momella Lakes. Canoeing here is a great way to get closer to the pink Flamingo that feed in the shallows. The peace of these waters leaves one with a sense of true serenity. And, of course, the majestic Mount Meru - which at 4566 meters is the fifth highest in Africa - is a popular destination for those who enjoy the challenge of climbing. The magnificent views of the Kilimanjaro valley that open from this mountain will further enhance this experience.

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Arusha National Park Photography

Tanzania Safari Tours through Arusha National Park

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    Тour “Dik-Dik” Arusha & Ngorongoro Crater Safari

    2-day safari + 2 days in a hotel


    Arusha & Ngorongoro Crater Safari

    Safari tour includes a walking safari in Arusha National Park and the game drive in Ngorongoro Crater

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    Тour “Impala” Arusha, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Safari

    3-day safari + 2 days in a hotel


    Arusha, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Safari

    It's easy to plunge into the wild world of Africa, especially when you can walk past the wild animals grazing in the 100 meters from you.


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