Great place for a family vacation - a walk surrounded by giraffes and zebras!

National Park overview

Most of parks do not allow leaving the car in open areas, but particular feature of Arusha National Park is a permission of small walking tours accompanied by a ranger. The walk on the known path begins among small bushes, runs through the valley and ends by a waterfall named Ulyulyusya, which cuts a mountain range. It is worth noting that it is safely. Animals never attacked people on the park. All of them are very peacefully.


Imagine how a fiery red crumb-antelope, known as bushbuck, hidden in the grass, is looking at you with his glittering like beads black eyes. Surely, such scene can touch you. And even watching a herd of buffalos, located twenty meters from the path, you will not feel fear or discomfort, you are more likely will be inspired with this difficult life of the animal world of Africa.

Interesting facts

Embracing the truly beautiful piece of nature, the park has got many wonderful natural monuments on the modest area. These include a volcanic crater Ngurdoto, about three kilometers in diameter, which is very similar to a miniature copy of the Ngorongoro. Locals even call it its younger brother. Near the crater, alkaline Momella Lakes extends where you can take a canoe and get close to the pink flamingos or simply enjoy the serenity of the mirror surface of the water. But one of the main attractions is the fifth highest mountain in Africa, the majestic Mount Meru, the height of 4566 meters. Many fans of climbing also conquer this no less difficult top which offers a picturesque view of the Kilimanjaro valley.