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  • duration
    3 hours
  • distance
    80 km
  • essential
    What to bring:
    Panama / baseball cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera
Price from $140

Ndarakwai Ranch

A private reservation Ndarakwai has a very difficult and tragic fate. The First World War took place in the hills of this area, significantly injuring the wildlife, so even now, traveling through the park, you can see the remains of the trenches of those times. After independence of Tanganyika in 1961, Ndarakwai became a place grazing, poaching and deforestation that nullified the population of elephants and other animals. Under the pressure of the local tribes, they were forced to leave these lands.

The territory of 11 000 acres that could turn into a wasteland, was saved only by the activity of Peter Jones who bought the land for a private reserve in 1995. Every year, thanks to the protection and care of employees of the Reserve, populations of elephants, zebras, eland, giraffe, wildebeest, buffalo, kudu, and even a small rare gerenuk actively began to recover. Since December 2010 you can meet here even lions and cheetahs. Today the park is a home for over 70 species of mammals and 300 species of birds.

Region: Kilimanjaro
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Ndarakwai Ranch
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3 hours
Ndarakwai Ranch
1 pax $400
2 pax $250
3 pax $200
4 pax $175
5 pax $160
6 pax $150
7 pax $145
8 pax $140

Included in cost:

    • Ndarakwai Park fees;
    • Rent of Land Cruiser;
    • Binoculars;
    • Lunch box;
    • Drinks;
    • Wet wipes.


The price does not include:

      • Alcoholic beverages;
      • Tips for the driver;
      • Permission to the professional filming;
      • Permission to launch of drone.

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