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  • duration
    5-6 hours
  • distance
    15 km
  • essential
    What to bring:
Price from $95

Makoa Farm

In the morning, you will go to the rehabilitation center Makoa Farm, located at the foot of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Observation of monkeys in their natural habitat makes a truly unforgettable impression. These monkeys are absolutely tame, so you can freely touch and play with them, since they are used to care of the workers of the farm.  
Your guide will tell you the history of Makoa Farm and answer your questions. After returning to the main building and having a delicious hot lunch, you will meet other residents of Makoa Farm: serval, mongoose, secretary bird, baboon, velvet and blue monkeys, marabou and others.  
Unfortunately, having been injured by poachers or kept as pets and later confiscated, most of these animals cannot survive in the wild. That’s why they are kept in the rehabilitation center. In addition to the employees responsible for feeding, there is also a team of veterinarians helping to monitor the animals’ health. Makoa Farm is not sponsored by the government and functions solely at the expense of investments made by its owner and visitors. If you want to help preserve the heritage of the animal world of Tanzania, you are welcome to make a donation.
Region: Kilimanjaro
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Makoa Farm
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5-6 hours
Makoa Farm
1 pax $150
2 pax $125
3 pax $120
4 pax $115
5 pax $110
6 pax $105
7 pax $100
8 pax $95

Included in cost:

    • Transfer to / from Makoa Farm from Moshi town;
    • Entry tickets;
    • Hot lunch at Makoa Farm;
    • Soft drinks and water;
    • Walking with monkeys:
    • Excursion around rehabilitation centre.


The price does not include:

      • Alcoholic beverages;
      • Hygienic items.



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