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New SUVs Land Cruisers (made in 2016-2019) equipped with refrigerators, chargers, comfortable seats, and GPS trackers.
We work only with reliable lodges, known for their supreme service and comfort standards.
Our safari-guides know every nook and cranny of the National Parks. They will find the rarest animals, and you will make awesome photos!

Headquartered in the foothills of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, Altezza Travel is committed to organizing safe, comfortable and enjoyable trekking adventures and wildlife safaris.

The fusion of personalized customer care, rich expertise, profound experience and modern vision constitute the foundation of our vision.

Personalized customer care

We have no standardized approach to tour planning. Though strict operations protocols are in force at Altezza to ensure your safety and comfort, each adventure with Altezza is crafted individually. From your first email to the final goodbye, your personal wildlife consultant will be taking care of your travel arrangements, heeding all of your wildlife fancies.

Rich expertise and profound experience

We know Tanzania. Having visited all the National Parks and the lodges inside, our safari recommendations are based on our experience. With dozens of Mount Kilimanjaro expeditions under their belts, our climbing experts have immense practical knowledge to share.

Modern vision

The world has never been so dynamic. Although the wildlife sanctuaries of Tanzania are in their pristine state, today’s approach to safari in Tanzania and Kilimanjaro climb adventures is a far cry from the early 20th century expeditions. Having preserved unique atmosphere of the Stanley-era discovery missions, we are passionate about tourism technology developments. Whatever your wilderness dream may be - media drone filming in the National Parks, Mount Kilimanjaro paragliding expedition or one-of-a-kind aerial safari, with many successful adventure projects in our portfolio, we are ready to make yours come true.

Tanzania is waiting for you!

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