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    New SUVs Land Cruisers (made in 2014-2016) equipped with refrigerators, chargers, comfortable seats, and GPS trackers.

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    We work only with reliable lodges, known for their supreme service and comfort standards.

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    Our safari-guides know every nook and cranny of the National Parks. They will find the rarest animals, and you will make awesome photos!

Headquartered in the foothills of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, Altezza Travel is committed to organizing safe, comfortable and enjoyable trekking adventures and wildlife safaris.

The fusion of personalized customer care, rich expertise, profound experience and modern vision constitute the foundation of our vision.

Personalized customer care

We have no standardized approach to tour planning. Though strict operations protocols are in force at Altezza to ensure your safety and comfort, each adventure with Altezza is crafted individually. From your first email to the final goodbye, your personal wildlife consultant will be taking care of your travel arrangements, heeding all of your wildlife fancies.

Rich expertise and profound experience

We know Tanzania. Having visited all the National Parks and the lodges inside, our safari recommendations are based on our experience. With dozens of Mount Kilimanjaro expeditions under their belts, our climbing experts have immense practical knowledge to share.

Modern vision

The world has never been so dynamic. Although the wildlife sanctuaries of Tanzania are in their pristine state, today’s approach to safari in Tanzania and Kilimanjaro climb adventures is a far cry from the early 20th century expeditions. Having preserved unique atmosphere of the Stanley-era discovery missions, we are passionate about tourism technology developments. Whatever your wilderness dream may be - media drone filming in the National Parks, Mount Kilimanjaro paragliding expedition or one-of-a-kind aerial safari, with many successful adventure projects in our portfolio, we are ready to make yours come true.

Tanzania is waiting for you!

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Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor

185 reviews 5.0
    Our trip to the roof of Africa HikerAdam

    I cannot say how great this tour operator is.  Phenomenal service, guides, food and accommodations.  They beat, by far, our expectations.  I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

    I cannot say how great this tour operator is. Phenomenal service, guides, food and accommodations. They beat, by far, our expectations. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. READ MORE
    A great Kili Climb eljedm

    Before opting for Altezza Travel to do the Kilimanjaro climb, I have researched dozens of webpages and websites of many companies offering the clumb... from real lical companies to companies with addresses in the USA, Australia or the UK.
    In the end , I chose...

    Before opting for Altezza Travel to do the Kilimanjaro climb, I have researched dozens of webpages and websites of many companies offering the clumb... from real lical companies to companies with addresses in the USA, Australia or the UK.In the end , I chose Altezza, for various reasons:They do not appear as soon as you click search Kili Climb, as they seem to be discreet on that, although their services are great and was entirely satisfied with them.Search engines gives you other names of companies.Their guides and support teams are more than excellent, caring and attentive to the most minute details. They all work in synergie and each of the 40 support team members knows exactly what he has to do and when to do it...We took the Machame Route and really enjoyed the scenery and the hike.The chef was excellent as the food was cooked in a kitchen tent , it was like at a signature restaurant... We had three meals a day in addition to the tea , fruit biscuit/ cake at 10 am and abt 4 pm...Medical check was carried out twice a day in the mornings and in the evenings...The guide were very professional, briefing us every evening on the following day schedule, taking into account the physical capabilities of each climbers, as some would like to go faster than others while others prefer poly poly ( slowly slowly)The porters are very helpful drying our gears when they get wet and filling our water bottles/ camel bags... Carrying our duffle bags and attending to our needs individually...We have become like a family day after day and the day we came back to the hotel we really found it difficult to part without them!By the way, I now understand why the tip recommended in the website (200 to 250 is really a reward to be shared by about 40 porters Who have really done great efforts and risks carrying our luggage and tents....)I honestly have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Altezza for any climber wishing to do the Kilimanjaro. READ MORE
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