Climb Mount Kilimanjaro with professional guides

Amazing adventures in the heart of Tanzania
Your safety is our top priority
  • Experienced mountain guides
    We hire only professional mountain guides certified as “Wilderness First Responder” and “Wilderness First Aid” with 7+ years of successful climbing experience!
  • Modern outfit and equipment
    We use only modern outdoor outfit from North Face, Black Diamond and Marmot. These brands were successfully tested under stern Himalayan and Arctic conditions.
  • Safe climbs
    For extra safety, we equip our groups with oxygen systems, satellite phones, radio stations and medical kits.
  • Customized meal plans
    Individual diet for every climber allows us to ensure the highest quality standards
  • No agents involved
    Our prices are free from commissions and markups. Our team is located in the heart of Tanzania and we personally control everything here.
  • More than 200 successfully expeditions annually!
    In 2016, 1142 climbers from EU and USA climbed the highest point of Africa with us!

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro with Altezza

Many people crave for reaching the shining glaciers of the Roof of Africa at 5895 meters.

Whether you are an accomplished mountaineer or a complete novice in adventure trekking, you can climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest point of African continent.

Kilimanjaro climbing does not require special skills, but to join the ranks of successful climbers a lot of efforts and serious attitude to our recommendations is required. We will inform you about the most effective training methods, high altitude acclimatization and help you with choosing a proper equipment.

Climbing with Altezza means that you climb will be smooth and preparation impeccable. All our managers have substantial climbing experience and relevant organizational skills.

Not only the will help you to choose a suitable climbing route, but also they will provide you with valuable practical insights both by mail and upon your arrival to Tanzania. Our professional climbing crews, balanced and nutritional diet, modern outfit and equipment from The North Face, Black Diamond, GPS trackers, oxygen systems and oximeters – all these guarantee the highest safety and comfort standards for our climbers during their Kilimanjaro adventures.

What is the weather like in Kilimanjaro?

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in the Northern part of Tanzania. Seasonal changes are almost imperceptible here, because the Mount is located near the equator. Almost all the time the weather here is sunny, and rains are rare. The only exception is the two small so-called “rainy seasons”, which are in May and November, when it is more cloudy and the chance of precipitation is higher, especially in the morning and evening. At 3500 meters point the average annual daily temperature is +14 Celsius, falling to zero at night. Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions are organized all the year round.


Sunny season


This time of the year is the most suitable for climbing, because the weather is more predictable and less changeable: the precipitation is rare with moderate cloudiness and windiness. Overall, the climate is dry and calm. The temperature at the top of the Mount fluctuates between -5 and -10 C. The ridge of the crater is not covered with snow, and no special mountaineering equipment is required to reach it.

Rainy season

April, May and November

Climbing during the rainy season is still possible, but we recommend you taking extra pieces of thermal underwear, socks and T-shirts. Precipitation, cloudiness, windiness and humidity are higher than in the sunny season. The temperature at the top of the Mount fluctuates between -5 and -15 C. The ridge of the crater is covered with 5-15 cm of snow, and wearing gaiters or ankle-boots is recommended.


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