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They climbed Kilimanjaro with us

Altezza Travel is proud to have led the way to the roof of Africa for over a thousand of climbers every year. In recognition of our unparalleled guiding standards, we are often chosen and recommended by the business giants, media celebrities and renowned outdoor athletes for lifetime climbing Kilimanjaro adventures.

  • Eugene Kaspersky CEO of Kaspersky Lab.
  • Valery Rozov Merited Master of Sport Parachuting
  • Angela Vorobeva Retiree, Guinness World Record holder
  • Alexander Grek Chief Editor of “National Geographic Russia”
  • Sergey Dolya Photographer, traveler, restaurateur, blogger
  • Sergey Anashkevitch Photographer, traveler, blogger
  • Thomas Senf Red Bull photographer
  • Denis Klero Red Bull photographer
  • Nika Lebanidze National Geographic photographer
  • Vasili Mladinov Captain of the USSR parachuting team, world champion
  • Vladimir Sigidov Entrepreneur, athlete, Paralympic champion
  • Stephan Siegrist Professional Mountaineer and Basejumper
  • Vladimir Shataev Professional mountaineer / President of the Russian Mountaineering Federation
  • Mamuka Tsikhiseli Professional mountaineer
  • Thomas Huber Professional mountaineer
  • Stas Davydov Blogger, Presenter
  • Sergey Ryazansky Russian cosmonaut
  • Serge Shakuto Red Bull photographer, professional paraglider

They were on safari with us

Tanzania safari expertise of Altezza is unmatched. One of our greatest achievement is a continuous trust of the movie starts, media celebrities and award-winning wildlife explorers. Our knowledge of Tanzania extends beyond traditional safari tours - were were behind the creation of documentaries and travel movies about the natural wonders of this country.

  • Marina Grankina Executive producer of “Heads and Tails” travel show
  • Pavel Prilutsniny Russian theater and movie actor
  • Anton Lavrentiev Broadcaster on “Friday” channel (Russia)
  • Maria Ivakova Broadcaster on “Friday” channel (Russia)
  • Agata Muceniece Latvian and Russian actress and model
  • Ivan Zatevakhin Biological Sciences PhD, TV-host
  • Murad Osmann Organizer of Project FollowMeTo, Photographer
  • Nataly Osmann Organizer of Project FollowMeTo, Journalist
  • Pavel Kurianov CEO of Black Star inc.
  • Hanna Ivanova Russian singer and model
  • Bantik Boy Tattoo Model, Blogger
  • Maxim Egorov Inventor, Blogger