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They climbed Kilimanjaro with us

  • Eugene Kaspersky
    CEO of Kaspersky Lab.
  • Valery Rozov
    Merited Master of Sport Parachuting
  • Angela Vorobeva
    Retiree, Guinness World Record holder
  • Alexander Grek
    Chief Editor of “National Geographic”
  • Sergey Dolya
    Photographer, traveler, restaurateur, blogger
  • Sergey Anashkevitch
    Photographer, traveler, blogger
  • Thomas Senf
    Red Bull photographer
  • Denis Klero
    Red Bull photographer
  • Nika Lebanidze
    National Geographic photographer
  • Vasili Mladinov
    Captain of the USSR parachuting team, world champion
  • Vladimir Sigidov
    Entrepreneur, athlete, Paralympic champion
  • Stephan Siegrist
    Profi Alpinist & Basejumper
  • Vladimir Shataev
    Professional mountaineer / President of the Russian Mountaineering Federation
  • Mamuka Tsikhiseli
    Professional mountaineer
  • Thomas Huber
    Professional mountaineer

They were on safari with us

  • Marina Grankina
    Executive producer of “Heads and Tails” travel show
  • Pavel Prilutsniny
    Russian theater and movie actor
  • Anton Lavrentiev
    Broadcaster on “Friday” channel (Russia)
  • Maria Ivakova
    Broadcaster on “Friday” channel (Russia)
  • Agata Muceniece
    Latvian and Russian actress and model
  • Ivan Zatevakhin
    Biological Sciences PhD, TV-host
  • Murad Osmann
    Organizer of Project FollowMeTo, Photographer
  • Nataly Osmann
    Organizer of Project FollowMeTo, Journalist
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