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Serengeti Shall Not Die

There is a story about two very brave and charismatic persons, Michael and Bernhard Grzimek, who could convey the message to people that in some several decades we will not be able to save the pristine nature from the impact of civilizations. And since the publication of their book, territories of Maasai, Serengeti and Ngorongoro received the status of national reservation. There was a reflection of the wild world from the unknown side which has opened us a new vision on relationship between human and animals that, in fact, can be harmonious and even amicable.

To change the order of things for the better and change the attitude to an undiscovered continent, it is only one part of the book but it has another side which will tell you a tragic story of the author, the story about the biggest loss in his life.

Download the book “Serengeti shall not die” by Bernhard Grzimek