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The success of your climb and your safety in the mountains it is not only the professionalism of guides, the correct program and your preparation but it also includes professional equipment. Therefore, for all our expeditions we use only modern tents The North Face «VE-25» which showed themselves from the best side even in the in extreme conditions of the Himalaya. These tents have a high level of safety and comfort.

We also use sleeping bags The North Face «Snow Leopard» and «Dark Star» (temperature rating: -18°C), trekking poles Black Diamond and other equipment of these brands. As for the camp equipment: mess tents, tables, chairs, dishes – we use well-known brand Eureka.

Every six months we completely update our storage, selling the obsolete equipment to local companies and buying the new one for our clients. As well as a comfort we highly appreciate the safety of climbs, that is why our groups are equipped with oxygen systems, pulse oximeters and satellite phones Iridium Extreme 9575 with a special waterproof box and solar battery having a coverage area at any point of Kilimanjaro mountain.