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One-of-a-king Elephant Safari Trips with Altezza Travel

An african elephant is one of the largest and, in our opinion, the wisest and the kindest animal in the world. Sheltering the highest population of elephants in Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks, Tanzania has become a mecca for those interested in these mighty animals.

Our accomplished safari guides will lead your way to the frequented habitats of elephants. Not only you will see hundreds (if not thousands) of these awe-inspiring giants, but also our professionals will tell you many interesting stories about their habits, lifestyle and habits.

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They Travel with Us

Eugene Kaspersky
Eugene Kaspersky CEO of Kaspersky Lab.
Valery Rozov
Valery Rozov Merited Master of Sport Parachuting
Angela Vorobeva
Angela Vorobeva Retiree, Guinness World Record holder
Alexander Grek
Alexander Grek Chief Editor of “National Geographic Russia”
Sergey Dolya
Sergey Dolya Photographer, traveler, restaurateur, blogger
Stephan Siegrist
Stephan Siegrist Professional Mountaineer and Basejumper
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