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Captivating buffalo safari tours in the heart of Tanzania

Herds of mighty African buffalos wander in the National Parks of Tanzania, looking for fresh grass and water. One of the few ungulates in the world capable of rendering good resistance to lions and crocodiles, buffalo is one of the strongest and most ferocious Big Five animals.
Our professional wildlife guides will make your buffalo safari a lifetime experience! Skilled in tracking their herds, our wilderness experts will lead your way straight to the places of the buffalo usual habitat, expounding on their lifestyle and habits.
Your buffalo jeep safari with Altezza Travel will be inimitable adventure!

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Eugene Kaspersky CEO of Kaspersky Lab.
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Valery Rozov Merited Master of Sport Parachuting
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Angela Vorobeva Retiree, Guinness World Record holder
Alexander Grek
Alexander Grek Chief Editor of “National Geographic Russia”
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Sergey Dolya Photographer, traveler, restaurateur, blogger
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Stephan Siegrist Professional Mountaineer and Basejumper
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