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    Professional expedition management

    We will help you in working out your dream expedition, taking into consideration all particularities and nuances of Tanzania.

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    Information support

    We will supply you with all necessary information about Tanzania. You will be capable of delivering competent destination advice to your clients.

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    Offices in Tanzania

    We guarantee 24/7 professional English-speaking support for your clients at any point in Tanzania.

We specialize in the following areas (be assured, we know our trade very well):

  • Organizing professionally guided Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions. Our services portfolio includes traditional Kilimanjaro climbs and ‘customized’ high-altitude adventures, such as night stops in the crater and rock-climbing on the routes, which are closed for the general public. We organized expedition of the Guinness World Record holder Mrs. Angela Vorobeva, 86 (the oldest person, who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro). In addition, we cooperate with Red Bull and National Geographic. Not only our company specializes in organization and management of high-altitude expeditions, but also we arrange video and photo-shooting permits for professional filming in the National Parks.

  • Organizing professionally guided safaris in the National Parks of Tanzania. Among the destinations we offer are Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti valley, as well as Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountain Parks, located at the coastline of Tanganyika, the deepest lake in Africa. Our safari portfolio has well-tested tour programs, and we are capable of organizing a customized expedition ‘from scratch’. In addition, our experts can harmonize Tanzanian experiences of your clients with their wildlife adventures in the neighboring African countries.

  • Organizing beach vacation tours on Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba. We have many reliable partners on the island part of Tanzania. Our Zanzibar tourism consultants personally tested our hotels and lodges there, assuring supreme quality and unique tropical experiences. We also offer PADI diving classes, oceanic fishing and kitesurfing tours there.

All our offices are located in Tanzania and we have our own safari fleet, shuttle buses and expeditionary equipment from the leading international brands.

We contributed to the following projects:

  • Red Bull and National Geographic first Kilimanjaro BASE jump expedition, performed by Valerii Rozov (February, 2015).
  • “Heads and Tails in Tanzania: Shopping” series (June, 2015)
  • InStyle Magazine filming in Tanzania (June, 2015)
  • “The oldest person to climb Mount Kilimanjaro” Guinness World Record break – our company organized expedition for Mrs. Angela Vorobeva, 86, who is the oldest person to have reached to the highest point of Africa (October, 2015)
  • Organizing safari expedition and Kilimanjaro climbing tour for the Moscow Society of Naturalists (November, 2015)
  • Organizing expeditions for Eugene Kaspersky, a world-famous developer of Kaspersky anti-virus software (January, 2016)
  • Organizing expeditions for famous bloggers Sergey Dolya and Sergey Anashkervitch (February, 2016)
  • Organizing high-speed Kilimanjaro climbing (12 hours) for Sergey Matiyachevich (March, 2016)

Drop us a line and we will do our best to make your clients happy. All inquiries are promptly processed by our experts everyday between 10:00 and 20:00 (including weekends and holidays). In any case, you will get our reply within 24 hours!

They work with us

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They Travel with Us

Serge Shakuto
Serge Shakuto Red Bull photographer, professional paraglider
Sergey Ryazansky
Sergey Ryazansky Russian cosmonaut
Maxim Egorov
Maxim Egorov Inventor, Blogger
Bantik Boy
Bantik Boy Tattoo Model, Blogger
Stas Davydov
Stas Davydov Blogger, Presenter
Hanna Ivanova
Hanna Ivanova Russian singer and model
Pavel Kurianov
Pavel Kurianov CEO of Black Star inc.
Nataly Osmann
Nataly Osmann Founder of Project FollowMeTo, Journalist
Murad Osmann
Murad Osmann Founder of Project FollowMeTo, Photographer
Ivan Zatevakhin
Ivan Zatevakhin Biological Sciences PhD, TV-host
Thomas Huber
Thomas Huber Professional mountaineer
Agata Muceniece
Agata Muceniece Latvian and Russian actress and model
Maria Ivakova
Maria Ivakova Broadcaster on “Friday” channel (Russia)
Anton Lavrentiev
Anton Lavrentiev Broadcaster on “Friday” channel (Russia)
Pavel Prilutsniny
Pavel Prilutsniny Russian theater and movie actor
Marina Grankina
Marina Grankina Executive producer of “Heads and Tails” travel show
Vladimir Sigidov
Vladimir Sigidov Entrepreneur, athlete, Paralympic champion
Vasili Mladinov
Vasili Mladinov Captain of the USSR parachuting team, world champion
Thomas Senf
Thomas Senf Red Bull photographer
Nika Lebanidze
Nika Lebanidze National Geographic photographer
Denis Klero
Denis Klero Red Bull photographer
Sergey Anashkevitch
Sergey Anashkevitch Photographer, traveler, blogger
Mamuka Tsikhiseli
Mamuka Tsikhiseli Professional mountaineer
Vladimir Shataev
Vladimir Shataev Professional mountaineer / President of the Russian Mountaineering Federation
Stephan Siegrist
Stephan Siegrist Professional Mountaineer and Basejumper
Sergey Dolya
Sergey Dolya Photographer, traveler, restaurateur, blogger
Alexander Grek
Alexander Grek Chief Editor of “National Geographic Russia”
Angela Vorobeva
Angela Vorobeva Retiree, Guinness World Record holder
Valery Rozov
Valery Rozov Merited Master of Sport Parachuting
Eugene Kaspersky
Eugene Kaspersky CEO of Kaspersky Lab.